In this episode Craig and Kevin talk with Aaron and Steph Bernazal, owners of Handmade Painting Services.  Painting is easy, right?  It’s that thing that you do when you buy a new home, repaint all of the walls that the seller has just painted to make the house “market ready.”  So we decide to save money and do the painting ourselves.  The only problem is that so many times the finished product isn’t exactly what we hoped for.  Hiring a professional painter is probably an option that you should look into.  Painting is an art and Aaron gives us some really important information regarding the best type of paint, paint brushes, sheens, finishes, and so much more.  And when it comes to refinishing cabinets or furniture, that’s even more difficult than walls and happens to be Aaron’s favorite thing to paint.  This episode will provide a lot of information that you need to know when it comes to painting.
Handmade Painting Services Phone Number - 832-264-3222
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